Jingle Bells, Baby’s On The Way! A Hilarious Guide To Navigating Holiday Travel With A Newborn





As a postpartum doula based in Orange County, California, Terese believes caring for new parents shouldn’t stop when they leave the hospital. Lean into her professional expertise, personal experience, and gentle guidance to feed your mind, body, and soul with the empathy and wisdom you’re worthy of to navigate this path with ease.

  • 1. Baby’s First Flight: The Audition
    for Cutest Passenger. Your baby is about to make their
    airline debut, and trust us, they’ll steal the show. Prepare for an
    audience of adoring passengers who can’t resist cooing and aww-ing at
    your tiny superstar.
  • 2. Packing for a Tiny Traveler: No Luggage Space Left Behind
  • When traveling with a newborn, your luggage might as well be full of baby gear. The stroller, the car seat, the crib, the changing table… it’s a mobile nursery on wheels! Just remember, there’s no room for your stuff.
  • 3. Diaper Drama: When Explosive Surprises Happen
    Get ready for epic diaper explosions at the most inconvenient times.
    Your newborn will choose the exact moment when there’s no changing
    table in sight. Don’t worry; it’s all part of the adventure.
  • 4. Security Check Shenanigans: Baby’s First Pat-Down
    Airport security can be a comedy show when traveling with a newborn.
    Your little one may require extra screening, resulting in a “pat-down”
    that rivals any airport sitcom.
  • 5. On-the-Go Feeding: Mastering the Art of Multi-Tasking
    Feeding your newborn while on the move is a skill worth its weight in
    gold. You’ll become a pro at balancing bottles or breastfeeding while
    pushing a stroller and managing carry-on luggage, all while navigating
    airport crowds.
  • 6. In-Flight Entertainment: Baby’s First Mile-High Show
    Prepare to entertain your baby in-flight with a dazzling performance that
    includes peek-a-boo, funny faces, and lullabies. Your fellow passengers
    will be the captive audience, so bring your A-game.
  • 7. Arrival Antics: The Grand Entrance
    Upon arrival at your destination, your newborn will undoubtedly make a
    grand entrance, complete with coos, cries, and adorable smiles. Your
    family will be thrilled to meet the newest member of the clan.
  • 8. The Art of Timing: Planning Stops and Breaks
    When traveling with a newborn, timing is everything. Factor in extra
    time for diaper changes, feeding, and comfort stops. Your schedule may
    not be tight, but your baby’s onesie certainly will be.
  • 9. Keeping Your Sense of Humor: The Ultimate Travel Survival Tool
    Remember, a good sense of humor is your best travel companion. Laugh
    at the unexpected, enjoy the little moments, and embrace the unique
    adventure that is holiday travel with a newborn.

    The Greatest Holiday Adventure of All
    Traveling with a newborn during the holidays is like embarking on a
    comical, heartwarming journey filled with surprises, laughter, and love.
    Your baby may not remember these early travels, but you certainly will.
    So, jingle all the way, and cherish every moment of this unforgettable
    adventure. Happy holidays, and may your journey be filled with joy,
    love, and a touch of baby giggles!

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