When bringing home a newborn, you and your little love deserve equal care and attention. Lean into our hands-on services to gently yet intentionally feed your family’s mind, body, and soul in the season ahead. 

Breathe in this sacred time with Fika Newborn by your side.


For restoring your energy. Our most popular service, Fika Newborn’s overnight care package provides the peace of mind you need to get better sleep. Whether you’re nursing or bottle feeding, our team will thoughtfully tend to your baby through all hours of the night, helping promote healing and mindful presence in the days to come.

Ways we can help: Holistic advice & education, lactation & bottle feeding support, newborn care, bedtime routines, sleep shaping, light meal prep, belly binding, next day preparations


For establishing the rhythm that works for your family. Fika Newborn’s daytime care package offers you the opportunity to focus more on healing, bonding with your baby, and holding space to replenish your mental, emotional, and physical energy stores.

Ways we can help: Newborn care, light meal preparation, holistic advice & education, sibling care, daytime routines, lactation & bottle feeding support, belly binding, sleep shaping 


For a trusted professional and compassionate ‘friend’ on speed dial. Fika Newborn’s virtual doula care package facilitates the connection you need in the season you’re in – whether it be pregnancy, postpartum, or life beyond. Within a safe and relaxed setting, we’ll be a listening ear and giver of resources, education, and personal stories that elicit greater understanding and solidarity. 

Ways we can help: Product and professional recommendations, adoption & surrogacy support, miscarriage & birth loss bereavement support, debriefing about birth or emotional challenges, soothing & responsive caregiving education, postpartum healing & nutrition, sleep shaping


No two families’ needs are the same. If you’re looking for specific postpartum doula support apart from what’s outlined above, we offer additional services to design an experience around your family.

Choose from: Nursery preparation & organization, pediatric first aid & CPR class, content library membership+











Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a doula is an investment that brings a wealth of benefits. For that reason, we’re happy to discuss payment plan options to ensure the needs of your whole family are met. Please note that a deposit is required for all packages to reserve your place in our schedule. 

While the needs of every family vary, on average, our families book us for 2-3 days per week, for a duration anywhere from 1-4 months. For shorter care options, our virtual doula support package is designed with you in mind. 

We invite you to get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for, so we can create a care package that best supports you.

Absolutely! Babies don’t typically eat and fall right back to sleep. Instead, they need to be burped, diapered, rocked, and comforted multiple times each night. When Fika Newborn is with you, your baby will be brought to you for their feeding. If you need lactation support during this time, we’ll be there to assist.

While we work day and night to serve your newborn and family, we’re not medical professionals. Our continuous learning and specialized training qualify us to deliver essential postpartum care, feeding education and support, and newborn and infant care. 

We’re low maintenance. If we’ll be serving as your overnight doula, we ask for a place to sit and also rest (a bed or comfortable surface). As long as you’re willing to be in this spot for a night, we will be, too! For families who wish us to attend to low-key tasks when the baby is sleeping, it’s helpful to have a video monitor so we can always have an eye on them.

If you’re looking to hire a doula for in-person services, we encourage you to reach out as soon as possible to start the conversation, with the goal of hiring your preferred provider by week 20 of pregnancy.

Yes! After years of working in the industry, I’ve cultivated a village of trusted doulas. Once you inquire, we’ll discuss availability of services. And from there, if there’s a need, I’ll share my list of doula partners along with their contact information.

At Fika Newborn, we’re committed to staying current with the latest developments in newborn and postpartum care practices. For a list of our certifications, please visit our About page

Happily! Local clients will have access to Fika Newborn’s lending library of books and baby carriers, including Baby K’tan, Solly Baby, and WildBird. Also, we’ve cultivated a trusted network of industry professionals/providers to give you the full-range of care you need and deserve – from birth centers to pediatricians, chiropractors, and physical therapists offering pelvic rehabilitation.

For virtual clients, you can expect to receive a list of vetted products to best prepare you to care for your baby at home. 

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“One of the best parts of my day in the weeks following giving birth was when Terese walked in the door.”

She gave me some much-needed relief in the haze of postpartum to get some sleep and space. Not only that but she came with resource recommendations, helped me come up with a sleep schedule for my daughter, and was a calming, reassuring, and friendly presence in the weeks following giving birth. 


“She was so informative and answered all our questions and then some.”

When she left, I couldn't believe how much more prepared I felt for parenting our little bundle of joy. 


“Terese was such a great resource as a first-time mom."

Terese was great with my son and in the beginning, when I just needed some time to myself to sleep or shower or brush my teeth, I felt totally comfortable letting Terese handle everything.


Connecting you to your support village

At Fika Newborn, we’re proud to have cultivated relationships with trusted doulas across the Orange County area. Should you need to be connected to outside support due to availability or specific service needs, you can count on us to point you to those who will be there to serve you. 


Across available in-person services and online resources, Fika Newborn mixes traditions and new education to nourish babies while reassuring and educating parents.